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EARTH MOVERS author, Dean Head ACS, is a very lucky person.

His dad worked for MGM and Associated British Pictures in the UK in the 1950s on some famous movies and TV series. He taught Dean a lot of ‘in-camera’ tricks which he still uses today. That influence helped when Dean, aged 9 or 10, and his dad started making home movies. They first filmed on standard 8mm film then later on Super 8mm with sound.

Perhaps this gave Dean the film making bug?

At the age of 15 Dean knew what he wanted to do. At 16 he was doing it. He started work as a trainee cameraman with The National Nine Television Network, one of Australia’s largest commercial TV networks. After working up to joint acting-senior cameraman he received a call from the Chairman of Market Force, at the time Australia’s largest independent ad agency, who offered Dean a position in Editel, their TV commercial production unit, in the late 80s.

Editel was contracted to cover the America’s Cup yacht races for the American ABC News by their Asian Managing Director who in turn offered Dean a position in his newly created production company in Hong Kong. That started more than 30 wonderful years of filming in Hong Kong, all over China and luckily the rest of the world too.

In 1990 Dean won admission into the Maine International Film & Television School in the USA. Then in 1994, he was awarded the right to use the letters ACS after his name in recognition of his work. This honour was bestowed upon him by his mentors on the board of the Australian Cinematographers Society.

Throughout his career Dean has been incredibly lucky with the kindness and help from people in the business he’s met including Oscar winning cameramen such as the great Sir Freddy Young OBE BSC, Sir Ossie Morris OBE BSC, Bob Huke SOC and others who generously follow the unwritten cameraman law of happily passing on “the knowledge”, thus keeping it alive forever in the next generation of filmmakers.

Dean began directing in the early 90s on TV commercials, high-end promotional films, documentaries and TV shows.

Hollywood came knocking during this time and as cameraman Dean was brought in to help with and film the Hong Kong scenes of several blockbuster movies.

Dean was also writing during this time and helping proof read & correct scripts for other people’s productions as well as his own.

Dean has launched EARTH MOVERS in the hope of helping educate our next generation, our children, into being better people who, hopefully, will be excited and intrigued when meeting peoples from other countries and cultures and fuelled with alacrity to learn more about them, to mutually learn and understand each others lives and make new friends, to bring the world closer together just like EARTH MOVERS is bringing families together.

To learn more about Dean you may find his TEDx talk interesting, here:

Dean's international directing awards;

Dean's international cinematography awards

Dean's feature film credits in HK are

Dean is a lover of the outdoors, scuba diving, red wines, cigars, a drone pilot and a private pilot of fixed wing aircraft.

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