Determined Kids Vs Evil Aliens An Electrifying Adventure!


Jimmy, Milly and Richie are three very determined 11 year-old kids who live in Youanmi, a very remote gold mining town in Western Australia. They are best mates who love adventure but tonight their latest escapade is about to go horribly wrong. Aliens attack! They must work together with their classmates, teachers, parents and townsfolk to fight and defend against the attack. Do they survive?

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EARTH MOVERS ~ Determined Kids vs Evil Aliens: An evil alien attack! Do They Survive?


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EARTH MOVERS ~ Determined Kids vs Evil Aliens: An evil alien attack! Do They Survive?


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EARTH MOVERS ~ Determined Kids vs Evil Aliens: An evil alien attack! Do They Survive?


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Milly is a First Nations girl, Jimmy is a Chinese/Aussie boy and Richie is a white Aussie boy. They have no clue about their different backgrounds because… it doesn’t matter. They are best friends who get on with life and go on exciting adventures together.

For 8-12 year-olds, EARTH MOVERS is written with the energy and pace of a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Right from the get-go you’re taken on the kids’ exciting never-ending adventure of challenges, adversities, failures and successes.

EARTH MOVERS is written with parents in mind plus we’ve learnt that grandparents are also reading it to their younger family members and are acting out the characters and doing voices.

The parents of kids who are test reading EARTH MOVERS tell us that their kids are completely engaged in the story and writing, can’t wait to read the ending and are talking about it to their classmates and teachers.


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EARTH MOVERS made it onto a 10 storey high LED Billboard in TIMES SQUARE, NYC!        

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EARTH MOVERS is helping kids deal with bullying and racism, to accept differences, to generally help people, learning to never give in, to work hard for what you want, how girls “can” do it, it promotes remarkable women throughout history and their life changing discoveries, has a breastfeeding education scene, promotes breast cancer awareness and much much more including how metals on earth are alien, formed in space, such as gold.

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